RAD 35th Anniversary Poster

RAD 35th Anniversary Poster



It has been 35 years since the greatest BMX movie ever made came to be.  A small movie filmed in Canada and directed by an ex-stuntman broke the ice to become a beloved part of our childhood memories.  Not only is it a reminder of a simpler time but it also introduced us to the incredible talent of the early BMX pioneers.


This tribute poster comes to you by artist MichaelO who got his start as an artist in middle school by winning a poster contest about bicycle helmet safety for which the grand prize was a BMX bike.  Having been a fan of the movie RAD and winning the bike created a thunder in his heart for this movie and the time period.


The poster features scenes directly from the film around the edges including all of our favorite characters and some of the many moments that make the movie such a fun experience.  In the center we can see Cru Jones flying high on his BMX, wearing his Helltrack uniform.  The pose is a tribute to the original movie poster.


The movie was released in March of 1986 and 35 years later we are pleased to present this tribute poster which does justice to our beloved memories. 

Stay RAD!


Brought to you by RAD MERCH, LLC. and special thanks to RAD: The Movie Collection.


Limited to 300 prints

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Print Details

  • unframed 20" x 30" (50.8 x 76.2cm) 
  • 100lb. glossy paper
  • Archival inks
  • Numbered with embossed metallic seal on back

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3" x 24" tube

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~Artist Notes


Like many others, RAD was my favourite movie growing up.  My VHS copy was worn out from all the rewinding I did to watch the stunts and then run outside to try and copy them on my bike.  It was not only the incredible tricks that mesmerized me but also the uplifting story and unique soundtrack which stick with me to this day.


35 years later now, as a professional movie poster designer, I decided to pay tribute to the movie I loved so much as a kid.  Other tribute posters have been created but I felt no other design had yet done justice to the film.  Over a 3 month period, I went through 39 revisions until I found a design that I felt hit the mark.  I used my own tribute Cru Jones bike to pose for the central character and filled the edges with all the characters and my favourite moments from the film. The left side features Cru in his everyday life and the right side is made up of his racing scenes.  At the top, Cru is on his paper route looking at the fence with the Helltrack ad.  I felt this scene sets the stage for the movie which is why it is featured in the center.  At the bottom we see Eddie Filoa and Martin Aparijo who appeared in the awesome beginning and end credits of the movie, and of course, no poster of RAD would be complete without the main stuntmen from the film.


The new 4k release was an essential resource for this poster which I paused and screen-grabbed in order to compose the design. So, if it were at all possible, my 4k copy would be just as worn out as my original VHS was.


Once complete, I sent the design to a few people and over time it made its way to the rights holders of the film.  They were so happy with the design, they asked me if they could use it to promte the 35th anniversary of the film's release.  I was very happy to oblige and knowing that I am now, in a small way, connected to the movie I loved so much as a kid, is a good feeling.



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