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I think I always knew that art was in my future.  I remember being in preschool, wondering why I spent more time drawing than the other kids around me.

I wasn't much of a natural talent, but I did have a lot of patience a willingness to learn.  ...and a wild imagination didn't hurt either.

I grew up in a time before digital art was possible so I was able to focus on traditional art skills and hone them.  Building those skills helped me understand the basics of composition and how to individualize my own unique style.
Once the computer became a viable means of art, I took to it like a fish to water.  Photoshop was still in its infancy but I was hooked, primarily focusing on photo manipulation. 

Over time, my style took shape mostly through trial and error.  As my competency grew, so did the excitement of creating art which lead to taking more risks and stepping out of my comfort zone.

My well-known cyborg series "Amalgamate" started by accident, simply adding some lines to the body where bones and muscles meet. I’m humbled that many others are now replicating this technique, although, no one has quite figured out the secrets to its process.

My portfolio continued to develop which led to commissioned work, gallery shows, and magazine covers. Something that I simply did for fun became a well-known style of digital art which was very satisfying.  

The accolades also included job opportunities which ranged from casino slot machine interface designs, cover designs for young adult fantasy books and eventually movie posters, which I have currently been busy working on for the last 12 years.

My next undertaking is currently in development.  I see the trend for art moving into interactive spaces and making people a part of the art, rather than just something to look at.  I have developed a number of installations that i hope to bring to life and turn into a unique and creative experience. Stay tuned!

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